Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)


When trying to conceive, many women and couples find that Intrauterine insemination(IUI) is an effective way to achieve pregnancy when they are faced with certain challenges when trying to conceive. There a variety of reasons why intrauterine insemination can be the solution.

IUI – Intrauterine insemination – (assisted conception) – using husband/partner sperm prepared washed sperm into your uterus near your time of ovulation. This procedure is often combined with fertility drugs to increase your chances of conceiving. In some cases woman’s immune system may be rejecting her partner’s sperm, or a patient may have issues such as cervical scarring, cervical blockage from endometriosis.

When the procedure is successful, the woman will conceive and carry a baby to term in the normal manner.

A pregnancy resulting from artificial insemination will be no different from a pregnancy achieved by sexual intercourse. However, there is a slight increased likelihood of multiple births if drugs are used by the woman for a ‘stimulated’ cycle. In all cases, the woman would be the biological mother of any child produced by AI, and the male whose sperm is used would be the biological father.

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