At Clifton OB/GYN we provide unmatched obstetric care with specialized attention when unexpected problems arise. We understand that giving birth is one of the most special times in a woman’s life, so we provide highly skilled physicians, a nurturing environment and first-class facilities so that you can experience the healthiest pregnancy and safest delivery possible.

Our physicians provide 24-hour coverage of the emergency room and labor and delivery unit which has specially trained neonatologists and the highest level (Level III) neonatal intensive care unit.  Experienced in HIGH RISK PREGNANCY CARE and delivery and our entire team of healthcare professionals are vigilant in monitoring your pregnancy to make sure that no warning signs are missed and that all precautions are taken to assure you have a safe and successful delivery no matter the circumstances.

Pregnancy and Delivery

We are here to support every mother to have a healthy, pleasant and memorable birth experience. Our clinical staff monitors closely to make sure that your pregnancy shows no signs of abnormalities.

We are with you every step of the way. Through your pregnancy, labor and a safe delivery is our top priority to ensure that you are comfortable with the physician who will be attending your  delivery and  with the staff guiding you through your pregnancy.

Each and every pregnancy delivery is a unique experience in itself.  We will work with our patients to help ensure they have the birth experience that they envision.

Although a safe delivery is our first priority, we do our best to introduce as few medical interventions as possible if they are not needed.  Though no one would like to think that complications may arise, they do at times. No matter the circumstance, we will be prepared to provide a safe and successful birth experience..

There are many unknowns involved during any pregnancy and delivery.  It is our job to educate our patients and their partners on the variables that can occur and provide them with the support every step of the way.

We know that thorough monitoring and preparation can go a long way towards reducing risks and anxiety caused by the impending birth. With the advancement in medicine and hospital care, today, mortality rates of expectant mothers during delivery, and of their babies is near negligible but no matter the circumstance, our team is ready to provide the safest and most joyous outcome possible.

Our physicians and team of Obstetric professionals are here to see you through your birth experience.  Whether you are anticipating a normal and natural delivery or you have high risk factors, we will provide you with the outstanding clinical care.

Our primary mission is to ensure you can feel comfortable and confident in having a safe delivery and a positive birth experience. We monitor your pregnancy closely to make sure  that your delivery results in a healthy outcome for both mother and baby.

Normal Birth

We are here to support every mother to have a healthy, pleasant and memorable birth experience. Our clinical staff monitors closely to make sure that your pregnancy shows no signs of abnormalities.

Our team is committed to make sure that your birth is a peaceful, safe and comforting process. If you have preexisting high risk issues that would keep you from having a naturalized birth, we will do everything we can to give you the birth experience you would live with as little intervention as possible.

 Cesarean Section

In some cases a Cesarean Section may be the safest alternative for a healthy delivery.

In the event that a pregnancy or labor progresses and complications occur or the mother may already have certain challenges that make a normal vaginal birth a risk, a cesarean may be necessary. However, families may  have a beautiful and bonding birth experience. Please view our recent video featuring Dr. Haddad and his associate midwife Dr. Lonnie Morris helping expectant parents make plans for a lovely birth even with a scheduled C-section.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

 A Vaginal Birth After Delivery (VBAC) can often be a safe choice for many women.  Should you and your doctor agree to try a VBAC, we will see if you can sustain a “trial of labor after cesarean,” or TOLAC.

When a patient is screened and is a prospect for a VBAC delivery she will go into labor with the goal to deliver vaginally.  As the labor progresses, if all is normal, a safe vaginal birth can be experienced.   As many as 4 out of 10 women, who have a trial of labor, still need to have a C-section but we are with our patients every step of the way. You and your doctor can talk about your risk for having problems during a trial of labor.

Whether it is right for you to try for a VBAC delivery will depend on several things.  Among the most important are  the circumstances of the previous C-section and how many C-sections the patient has had in the past.  Circumstances will differ from one patient to another.


Postpartum Support

We will provide complete care beginning before your first trimester with continued support throughout the postpartum phase of your childbirth experience.

We offer proper prenatal healthcare and the psycho-social support necessary to assist women in transitioning into the role of motherhood along with postpartum care in a warm and welcoming environment.  Our physicians offer you management support for all aspects of fertility including pre-conception counseling as well as evaluation and management of complicated on-going pregnancies.

Other services include genetic screening, NT Screening-First trimester screening of fetal anomalies, Advanced Maternal Age monitoring.

 High Risk Pregnancy

At Clifton OB/GYN we are uniquely equipped to provide the most specialized care for high-risk pregnancies.  Our staff is highly trained and skilled in handling complications that may arise.

We are ready deal with pregnancy and birth abnormalities should they arise and understand that it’s possible for the healthiest women to develop unforeseen conditions during their pregnancy that would require extra attention. In the event that you are experience anything questionable to you, rest assured, you are in good efficient hands as our team is specifically trained, experienced and equipped to handle each individual case.

We will keep you monitored and work closely with you to determine the right treatment options for you.

 We screen our patients thoroughly to determine if any factors are present that could cause any problems during all trimesters and childbirth.  Your pregnancy is considered a high risk pregnancy if any of the following conditions are present:

  • Repeated pregnancy loss
  • Chronic hypertension
  • History of or current experience with preterm labor (PTL)
  • Pregnant with multiple babies (Twins or Higher)
  • Gestational or type I diabetes
  • Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH)
  • Placental problems
  • Pre-eclampsia/eclampsia
  • Chronic hypertension
  • Other risk factors as determined by your team

If you have any of these risk factors, we offer the experience and skills you want in order to have a healthy outcome.  Our advanced prenatal care for high-risk obstetric patients include:

  • Maternal and fetal testing to evaluate the health of the mother and the baby
  • Electronic fetal monitoring
  • Pregnancy co-management with a maternal-fetal specialist

We take every precaution to provide vigilant care for you through your entire child-birthing experience.  After delivery, your baby will be monitored by experienced neonatologists, pediatric surgeons and the highest level Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where needed.

At Clifton OB/GYN, you and your baby are in the best hands possible.  Combined with the outstanding care provided at area hospitals including Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, New Jersey, we are confident that no matter the challenge you may be facing, we are prepared to help you have a safe and successful birth experience.

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